'China, if you're listening..." Hillary illustrates nutty Barr reasoning

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'China, if you're listening..." Hillary illustrates nutty Barr reasoning

Postby Marie » Thu May 02, 2019 1:09 pm

In her interview w/Rachel last night, Hillary criticized the inattentiveness of the Trump administration to Russian election interference.

This discussion was taking place while Atty Gen. William Barr's bizarre defense of said interference before the Senate earlier in the day was still fresh in the viewers' minds.

Proposing a hypothetical analogy, Hillary challenged Barr's argument that there was nothing wrong with the Trump campaign using stolen emails to win the WH --

(move slider to 5:15)

So you knew the media wouldn't be able to help themselves, right?
Here's the hash they made of it:


(Note the instant pushback from folks who ACTUALLY WATCHED THE INTERVIEW!)

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