"Want a better economy?" Forbes magazine says

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"Want a better economy?" Forbes magazine says

Postby SusieQ » Mon Oct 22, 2012 2:12 pm

"History says vote Democrat!"

There was a time, before primaries, when each party’s platform was really important. Voters didn’t pick a candidate, the party did. Then voters read what policies the party planned to implement should it control the executive branch, and possibly a legislative majority. It was the policies that drew the most attention – not the candidates.

Digging deeper today than shortened debate-level headlines, there is a considerable difference in the recommended economic policies of the two dominant parties.

The common viewpoint is that Republicans are good for business, which is good for the economy. Republican policies – and the more Adam Smith, invisible hand, limited regulation, lassaiz faire the better – are expected to create a robust, healthy, growing economy. Meanwhile, the common view of Democrat policies is that they too heavily favor regulation and higher taxes which are economy killers.


Well, for those who feel this way it may be time to review the last 80 years of economic history, Bob Deitrick and Lew Godlfarb have done it in a great, easy to read book; “Bulls, Bears and the Ballot Box” (available at Amazon.com) Their heavily researched, and footnoted, text brings forth some serious inconsistency between the common viewpoint of America’s dominant parties, and the reality of how America has performed since the start of the Great Depression.

Personal disposable income has grown nearly 6 times more under Democratic presidents
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has grown 7 times more under Democratic presidents
Corporate profits have grown over 16% more per year under Democratic presidents (they actually declined under Republicans by an average of 4.53%/year)
Average annual compound return on the stock market has been 18 times greater under Democratic presidents (If you invested $100k for 40 years of Republican administrations you had $126k at the end, if you invested $100k for 40 years of Democrat administrations you had $3.9M at the end)
Republican presidents added 2.5 times more to the national debt than Democratic presidents
The two times the economy steered into the ditch (Great Depression and Great Recession) were during Republican, laissez faire administrations

http://www.forbes.com/sites/adamhartung ... -democrat/
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Re: "Want a better economy?" Forbes magazine says

Postby Marie » Mon Oct 22, 2012 4:02 pm

Wow, Forbes is totally our friend today!!!

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Re: "Want a better economy?" Forbes magazine says

Postby John86045 » Sat Sep 15, 2018 2:42 am

In the traditional economy, there is solidity and predictability and entrepreneurs are uncommon, therefore, the standard of living is significantly low. The government plays a number of roles in the command economy. Instead of allowing custom and behavior to dictate the economy, a central government is elected to dictate the Basics of Economy. Everybody is then obliged to pursue the economic decisions made by the government or their interest groups regardless of their differing or favorite stands.
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