Keep Getting Logged Out? Don't Use AOL!

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Re: Keep Getting Logged Out? Don't Use AOL!

Postby Marie » Sat Apr 03, 2010 12:20 am

Some websites also warn people about AOL's overly ambitious spam filters, too, LOL.

But our obsolete version of AOL has turned out to have certain benefits that even they're not aware of. For example, when a virus attacked both our freestanding browsers recently, AOL's Explorer was unaffected (so old, even a virus won't run on it? :lol: ) and I could still access websites without the browser getting hijacked -- it was just slower. This kept me going until everything could be restored and I could bypass AOL once again.

So unless the company does something to piss me off, I think I'll always keep it around for its useful little quirks.

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