10 Bands that Shook the World

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Re: 10 Bands that Shook the World

Postby Houndfan » Tue Feb 15, 2011 11:47 pm

Whether or not a band gets into the Rock N Roll of Fame makes little difference to me. Many bands that are great will take forever to get inducted
because they were not darlings of the critics. The key to me is what music made a difference. The simplicity of the music of the Ramones, the Clash
and the Sex Pistols was that they showed you didn't have to be a musical virtuoso to make great rock and roll. They were just poor kids who started to
play without the "Stairway to Heaven" guitar solo. The line between fan and band was thin. The fan of today could become the performer tomorrow.
They were real. Not made up images like David Bowie(very talented but not someone a kid could relate to), but kids who seemed hacked off just like us.

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