Keith on Tony Kornheiser's show - priceless!

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Keith on Tony Kornheiser's show - priceless!

Postby Marie » Fri May 11, 2018 4:42 pm

I was laughing out loud, seriously! By the way, did anybody know Keith had knee surgery yesterday? Describing the moment that the doctor sucked a piece of cartilage out of his knee, Keith says he could suddenly "see through time -- backwards." LOL! Said he met his grandfather. :lol: And that was just the beginning of the discussion!

Classic Keith. You will love it.

May 11, 2018
It’s a special show for Tony as he broadcasts from New York with Nigel and special guests Keith Olbermann and Pablo Torre. Tony starts the show by talking with Keith and Pablo about various ailments and illnesses (no, seriously, that’s what they talked about) Then they talk some sports - specifically about the rise and fall of Matt Harvey. Nigel gives the news, and during Old Guy Radio, Keith shares a story of when he met Joseph Cotton, and Pablo talks about having Lady Gaga perform at his high school dance before she was Lady Gaga, and they close out the show by opening up the Mailbag.

You find out what someone is really like in "battle," and Olbermann is who you want to be in a foxhole with, Patrick said. "On the air, we had each others' backs," said Olbermann.
-David Goetzl: "Keith Olbermann, Dan Patrick still brothers long after ESPN's 'Big Show'"; MediaPost blog, 4-6-2012


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