Flashback: Keith on "Do Not Trash The Local Fans"

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Flashback: Keith on "Do Not Trash The Local Fans"

Postby StevenHW » Fri Mar 24, 2017 11:15 pm

From 2013, here is Keith's opinion piece called "Do Not Trash The Local Fans" from his ESPN2 show. It is centered on his criticism with Lew Wolff, who was then the owner of the Oakland A's baseball team. He also recounts the time when he trashed the town of Bristol CT, the home base of ESPN's studios, when he first worked there in the late-1990's.

It was one of my favorite KO opening monologues during his ESPN2 show, and I had a hard time finding it...until now!


Actually, I remember the first line when he started that piece, which is not included in this clip. Keith originally said, "F the fans! No, not you! We love you!" :lol:

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