Comedian, filmmaker, philanthropist Jerry Lewis, 91

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Comedian, filmmaker, philanthropist Jerry Lewis, 91

Postby Marie » Sun Aug 20, 2017 6:23 pm

Ever since I was a kid I wanted to work the Telethon. My mom collected for March of Dimes and Cancer; I covered Heart and Muscular Dystrophy. (It's a wonder when the neighbors saw us coming up the walk they didn't turn off the TV and pretend they weren't home, LOL)

In 1985 I finally signed up to man the phones at the local Labor Day MDA event at Vets' Memorial Auditorium, but never got to talk to anyone: they had recruited too many people -- which is better than not enough, I guess -- so I sat up the whole night in the overflow room playing cards with the other extras, watching Jerry on a black & white TV and waiting to take the place of somebody who might need to go home.

Either way, at home or at Vets', I would have been up all night. The Jerry Lewis Telethon was always a big deal to me.

RIP, Jerry.

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