Has anybody seen HBO's documentary GASLAND?

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Has anybody seen HBO's documentary GASLAND?

Postby 1WILD1 » Fri Jun 25, 2010 12:51 am

And if you have what is your opinion? I would appreciate both the negative & positive & the obvious BULLSHIT.
My friends have been blasting me with questions and I haven't had the time to watch & research it....shit, I feel like I am in college again cramming for a damn final!!

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Re: Has anybody seen HBO's documentary GASLAND?

Postby dejapig » Fri Jun 25, 2010 9:20 am

I'm glad you asked. :grin:

I work in the natural gas industry and can tell you that the film is a slick piece of propaganda--more like a "mockumentary." "Big Oil" is not perfect by any means, but natural gas is a clean, abundant and domestic energy source that has created 2.8 million American jobs (including mine!) and it is vital to our nation's clean-energy future and economy. Hydraulic fracturing is a proven technology that has been refined over 60 years. It has allowed companies to safely produce natural gas from more than 1 million US wells. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Ground Water Protection Council, Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission and others have all examined the process and found it to be safe.

As for the film, I have excerpted the response from ANGA's website (America's Natural Gas Alliance) found here...
http://www.anga.us/the-truth-about-gasland/ (It links to many of the source documents I couldn't link to here as they are pdfs.)

In the film’s signature moment, Mike Markham, a landowner, ignites his tap water. The film leaves the viewer with the impression the flaming tap water is a result of natural gas drilling. However, according to the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, which tested Markham’s water in 2008, at his request, methane in his water supply had “no indications of oil & gas related impacts to water well.” Instead the investigation found that the cause was “biogenic” in nature, meaning it was naturally occurring due to the fact that his water well had been drilled into a natural gas pocket.

The film leaves a clear—and false—perception that hydraulic fracturing was to blame. This is simply not true, and there are several examples where the film veers from the facts. A second depiction of a flaming faucet in the home of Renee McClure in Colorado also leaves viewers with a false impression about the connection between gas industry activities and methane in water wells. McClure’s well was sampled by the state and it, too, showed only naturally occurring methane.

Once again, natural gas is falsely linked when the film flashes the words “35 mile fish kill Dunkard Creek Washington County PA.’’ The Environmental Protection Agency investigated and tied the fish kills in Dunkard Creek to coal mine run-off. Here is the official report and a story on it in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

Contrary to film claims, natural gas production is subject to federal, state and local regulations that cover everything from initial permits to well construction to water disposal. The natural gas community is committed to being good neighbors and responsible stewards of the land, and are committed to answering the public’s questions and concerns in a factual and science-based way.

In rare cases where incidents have occurred, companies have worked with the appropriate regulatory authority to identify and correct the issue, and to implement measures to ensure they don’t recur. ANGA member companies understand and respect people’s concerns and questions about the safety of their water and air, and are committed to engaging in dialogue with community members, policymakers and stakeholders to talk about the safety of natural gas production and the opportunities natural gas offers communities across our country.
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Re: Has anybody seen HBO's documentary GASLAND?

Postby 1WILD1 » Sat Jun 26, 2010 1:14 am

Wow! You were the perfect person to ask!! Thanks Dejapig, for everything! :grin:

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Re: Has anybody seen HBO's documentary GASLAND?

Postby Hoppy49 » Sat Jun 26, 2010 7:34 am

Many years ago I worked in the natural gas industry too, and I find NG to be a realistic bridge between oil based national energy policy and the renewable energy policy the party of no refuses to allow debate on. Until we replace the recessive, minority dictates to the majority, my way or the highway political trolls, we will continue down the road to perdition of big oil must be protected politics. The only way to accomplish that goal is thru the voting booth. We need to grab every progressive thinker who ignores the power of the vote by the throat and demand a change from gridlock & division, even if we have to drive em to the polls. Until Bohner, McConnell, Lieberman & all the other corporate bought unamerican wonks are shown the door & we return to a democracy, nothing will change. Organize, energize & cauterize the backward revisionists & return them back under the slimy rocks they crawled out from. The silent majority cannot be silent any longer. Arise and take our country back, the time of sunshine patriots must end before the corporations & their enablers steal our country.
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