Interview with Dan Patrick

Keith Olbermann Stuff From 2006 (2005 was accidently deleted)
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Interview with Dan Patrick

Postby Keyser Soze » Tue Dec 12, 2006 10:13 am

OK... I read this with Dan's voice in my head... he's annoying... but funny... ... isn_1.html
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Postby Marie » Wed Dec 13, 2006 12:07 am

Recording it here in case they take it down at some point. (Bolded passages are my doing.)

- - -

DAN PATRICK wasn't afraid to tell Will Ferrell that he thought a better ending to his
latest movie, "Stranger Than Fiction," would have been for Ferrell's character to die.

"I said, 'Don't take it the wrong way,' but I just wasn't all that thrilled with the ending,'"
Patrick made it known to Ferrell during their interview on Tuesday's edition of
Patrick's ESPN Radio show, which eminated from the Los Angeles studios of KSPN-
AM (710) this week. "Will just said, 'Thanks, but I only value the opinions of those I
really care about.'"

Patrick had a chance to mug for the cameras with Ferrell (above) after their show,
and then went into character for a Q-and-A with us during our visit to the KSPN-AM
(710) studios where we caught up with him before he went on for his regular 10 a.m.-
to-1 p.m. shift -- a portion of which made it into print with today's Daily News media

Q: Why are you wearing a Texas Longhorns hat in those shots with Ferrell? Is it
to rub it in that they won the national championship game last January instead of
Ferrell's Trojans?
A: Someone just gave me that hat. I guess I had predicted a Texas victory in the
Rose Bowl, someone gave it to me, and I just put it on Tuesday.

Q: Are you now officially out of the ESPN "SportsCenter" rotation and committed
fulltime to radio?
A: I don't even remember the last "SportsCenter" that I did. Maybe in the summer?
I've done enough of it; time to let someone else go for it. I've been attached to it for
so many years, but I can't do it anymore if I'm just taking it for granted. I thought I
was going through the motions for too long, so let someone else do it. I've got the
NBA pregame show now. And with the radio show, it's got my name attached.
I remind Keith Olbermann of that every day.

Q: What about this role you're playing in the new Adam Sandler movie, "I Now
Pronounce You Chuck and Larry"? Since it's about a couple of Brooklyn firefighters
(Sandler and Kevin James) who pretend to be gay lovers to get insurance benefits,
do you have to play it straight or kind of gay it up yourself?
A: Nope, just a police officer. Again. In the first Sandler movie I did, "The Longest
Yard," I played a cop with a now famous porn mustache. I named him Sgt. Jack
Pugh, after my dad. This time, I haven't come up with a name in the credits for
the character yet. I may call him Officer Bill O'Reilly, just to tweak Olbermann.

Q: What kind of relationship have you developed with Sandler that allows you all
these free passes into his films?
A: I just saw him at a Knicks game one time, and he said, "Danny Patrick, I'm
going to get you a part in my next movie." I was going to be in "Little Nicky," so I'm
thankful he didn't make good on that one. Then I saw him again, and he said, "You're
going to be in 'The Longest Yard' as a cop who arrests me." I had played myself in
"The Waterboy," and I really am tired of playing that role (he also did himself in the
ill-fated "BASEketball"). In "Benchwarmers," he wrote me in as a card player. So
this time, it's back to a cop who arrives on the scene of someone stuck in an air vent
at a store. Sandler encourages me to ad lib, so I could get as much screen time as I
did last time.

Q: So are you already in line for another Sandler movie down the road?
A: This is just a three-picture deal. Then we'll see what happens. I'm sure next will
be Speilberg at the Ivy ... not at the same table. I really can't tell you my next
project. It's in development. Isn't that what you say when you're out of work? I think
that's what Craig Kilborn (above) is doing now, something in development. He says
he knows the Wilson brothers (Luke and Owen) and Vince Vaughn, so maybe he's
waiting for something with them.

Q: You've really got this L.A. name-dropping thing down, haven't you?
A: It's part of being here. You act phoney and drop names.

Q: What's your ultimate movie role, if you could choose something that goes longer
than a minute?
A: Something that shows my emotional range. Something tragic. Maybe a "Raging
Bull" kind of thing, where I have to morph into the character and sustain it. I'd like to
do the remake of "The Legend of Ron Burgundy" and play a cable TV guy against
Will Ferrell's news team.

Q: Did you ask Ferrell for a role in his next movie?
A: Begged more like. He's working on a movie about the old ABA -- that's why he's
growing his hair out into a fro. He asked if I could commit to three months of
shooting. I said I'd quit ESPN and make the $680 a week scale just to get in it. You
know, I do have a Screen Actors Guild card. Had to get it about 10 years ago. I do
like to flash it around. I'll pull it out with my credit card by "accident" when I'm buying
something. I do that here, and it's no big deal. Back in Bristol, they see it and think
SAG has something to do with a Weight Watchers program that I'm on.

Q: Would you consider taking acting lessons if you continue doing more movies?
A: I'm more a method actor, improvosation. I feel the scene. Like Brando, Bobby
DeNiro ... Rob Schneider... all the great ones. Schneider actually asked me to be in
his last "Deuce Bigelow: European Gigolo" movie but it would have taken six weeks
in Amsterdam. I would never have come back. I think that was another good career

Q: While you're in L.A., why don't you get an appearance on Jay Leno, since you've
been on Letterman a couple of times? Maybe even Jimmy Kimmel?
A: I could call Kimmel and let him know I'm in town, but that's not my style.

Q: At least you're known around town now, right?
A: I think I noticed that finally (back before the January national championship
football game at the Rose Bowl) when I was trying to get into Teddy, the bar at the
Roosevelt Hotel which no one can get into. I was there with Jack Giarraputo,
Sandler's production partner, and we were waiting at the door and I noticed that
across the street (on Hollywood Blvd.) there was a big billboard for my radio show. I
told the lady at the door, "That's me, up there." And she said, "Oh, it is you," so we
walked right in. We see Owen Wilson right away and he says, "How'd you get in
- - -

I had no idea Dan had been involved in so many movie projects. And he seems to
take it all quite seriously, as opposed to Keith, who infrequently does these things
because he likes the show or the people.

Is Dan trying to act world-weary here, or is this the way he usually sounds off-air?


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