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Keith Olbermann Stuff From 2006 (2005 was accidently deleted)
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Postby Kathy » Tue Dec 12, 2006 6:11 am

stretchdogg wrote:I think it's all part of the act. These two truly enjoy each other, or DP wouldn't be sharing a whole hour, 5 days a week.

I am getting a little tired of all Dan's name dropping, however.

Oh, I'm sure they do. I was just wondering if it gets strained sometimes because of that.

And as for namedropping, well, Keith was doing it for some time before that what with the events he was attending, so I guess Dan is just getting him back.
...if you don't stick up for the freedom of all opinion, eventually the wheel will turn, you'll be the minority and you'll have written the rules by which you yourself are squashed. -- Keith Olbermann

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