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Blogging Countdown 12/17 Oddball & Best Persons

Postby Slfriend79 » Mon Dec 17, 2007 9:17 pm

STEWART: Welcome back. I‘m Alison Stewart in for Keith Olbermann. Exactly 38 years ago, singer Tiny Tim married his fianc’e Miss Vicky on “The Tonight Show”. 30 million tuned in to watch it. Well, the writers strike is still on so no “Tonight Show” tonight. You can watch reruns or set your TV on right now so you can watch this later. Let‘s play “Oddball.”

We begin in South Korea where, for the second time in a week, lawmakers turned into brawl-makers. One party literally blocking the other one from entering the legislature. When the excluded party started climbing through the windows and pushing through the crowd, the police had to come break it up using riot shields and fire extinguishers to disperse the rowdy pols. That‘s somebody‘s tax dollars in action.

A much kinder kind of drama unfolding near our own legislature this afternoon: a bird invaded the Senate press gallery as media-types waited for a news conference from Senator Dodd. One journalist tried to bond with the birdie, feeding it by hand. Another ended up with some poop on the head. The culprit, resisting all attempts to be caught by big net on a long pole, eventually escaping out of an open door to freedom.

That little diversion not taking away from what happened on the floor of the Senate: the FISA bill pulled at least until 2008.

Does even “American Idol” doesn‘t want her on the show? So, does that mean that Britney Spears is finally done? Those stories ahead.

But first, time for COUNTDOWN‘s top three “Best Persons in the World”. Number three, best reason to stay out of an Indonesian rain forest: the giant rats of New Guinea. Scientists in the region found a reason to pop out discovered the rats by accident. The critters just walked right into camp because they‘re apparently not afraid of humans. The rats are five times bigger than ordinary city rats but, unlike their urban counterparts, they are required to pay full fare on the uptown 6 train.

Number two, best source of outside income: Eunice Lopez of Hialeah, Florida, was married to 10 different dudes at the same time. Police believe Lopez, a legal U. S. resident, would marry illegal aliens for cash. She‘s been arrested and charged with bigamy. No word on the fate of her 10 blenders, 10 night sets, and ten fondue pots.

At number one, best attitude in a case of mistaken identity: Anne Hathaway of Orono, Maine—that‘s spelled A-N-N-E—was shocked to read her own obituary in the “Bangor Daily News”. The obit was supposed to be for Ann Hathaway, spelled A-N-N, no E. Both Hathaways had made arrangements with the same funeral home and they pulled the wrong file. The living Hathaway took the mistake in stride. She said, quote, “I went to the pearly gates and opened the door and they didn‘t have any strawberry shortcake and they didn‘t like the way my hair looked.”

As for the chick who starred in “The Princess Diaries”, pretty sure she is not going to be buried in Bangor, Maine, any time.

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Re: Blogging Countdown 12/17 Oddball

Postby Lauralu » Tue Dec 18, 2007 10:48 am

Those giant rats are freaky! :shock:

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